Korea, China & Great Britain top medal table on spectacular final day of Manchester 2019 World Taekwondo Championships

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MANCHESTER, UK (May 19, 2019) - The Manchester 2019 World Taekwondo Championships drew to a spectacular close today with Korea, China & Great Britain finishing top of the overall medal table, following seven dramatic gold medal matches.


In the women division, Korea finished top of the medal table, followed by China and Great Britain. In the men division Korea finished top followed by Russia and China.


The medal tables were decided following a packed schedule of fights on the final day with Cuba, Turkey, Russia and China, Azerbaijan, Thailand all claiming gold medals – demonstrating the global strength of taekwondo. The full results from the final day can be found below.


The record-breaking World Championships concluded with a Closing Ceremony that befit the excitement and grace of the competitions that had taken place over the previous five days. The iconic World Taekwondo Demonstration Team showcased their trademark gravity-defying stunts and acrobatic skill to the delight of the crowd and were followed by stunning music and dance routines from local performers.

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The Closing Ceremony also saw the World Taekwondo flag officially pass from the Manchester 2019 Organising Committee to hosts of the 2021 World Championships, Wuxi.


With more than 950 athletes from 150 nations plus one Refugee Team having competed in the World Championships, there was plenty of excellent performances to choose from for the end of competition awards. The following awards were presented at the end of the Closing Ceremony:


  • Men MVP Award - Jun Jang (Korea)
  • Women MVP Award - Jade Jones (Great Britain)
  • Best Women Team Award - Korea
  • Best Men Team Award - Korea
  • Best Men Team Coach Award - Claudio Nolano (Italy)
  • Best Women Team Coach Award - Lee Chang Geon (Korea)
  • Best Women Referee Award - Zhu Linfang (China)
  • Best Men Referee Award - Srtefan Raileanu (Moldova)
  • Fighting Spirit Award - Canada
  • Active Participation Award - Brazil


Men +87kg


In the men’s +87kg, Rafael Alba took the gold for Cuba, Carlos Sansores of Mexico took silver, Maicon Siqueira of Brazil and Hamza Kattan of Jordan won bronze.


The last final of the Manchester 2019 World Taekwondo Championships matched Alba and Carlos Sansores. Alba’s 202cm height did not stop Sansores from scoring a head shot within the first 40 seconds, which was followed by a body shot from Alba. The second round started with Alba scoring a head shot, putting him in the lead 6-4. The much-anticipated final round saw kicks to the body from both Alba and Sansores, but with one minute to go the score was still 6-4. With 20 seconds left, Alba scored another head shot, winning 9-5.

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In the first semi final, Alba faced Siqueira of Brazil. The two fighters were tied at the end of round one, but Alba quickly took the lead with a series of body shots and punches. The third round saw Siqueira land a spectacular head shot, but Alba fought back with a series of impressive kicks and was able to win the match 17-13. In the second semi final, Hamza Kattan of Jordan fought Sansores. Sansores opened the scoring with a kick to the body. Sansores extended his lead in the second round. The final round increased in intensity with both fighters vying to win, but Sansores ultimately proved too strong and progressed to the final, winning 18-6.



Women -62kg


In the women’s -62kg, Irem Yaman of Turkey took gold, Brazil’s Caroline Santos took silver, Bruna Vuletic of Croatia and Magda Wiet Henin of France took bronze.


Santos opened up the women’s -62kg final against Yaman with a single punch. The second round saw more punches from both opponents and a fall from Santos, but Yaman scored a head shot, bringing the score to 8-2.


Morning 19.05.2019-31With one minute to go of the final round, both fighters increased their intensity in the attack, but Yaman was able to land the greater number of kicks. Despite Santos’ best efforts Yaman won the fight 21-7.aman had faced Wiet Henin in the semi final. The fight was close throughout and after three rounds the two fighters could not be separated as the score finished 7-7. It took a final golden point round for Yaman to be declared the winner. In the second semi final Santos fought Vuletic. A strong early round established Santos with a three-point lead. There was very little between the two fighters in the second round but Santos’ lead from the first round proved decisive and she won the match 14-11.



Men -87kg


In the men’s -87kg, Vladislav Larin from Russia won gold, Brazil’s Icaro Miguel Martins Soares won silver, Ivan Sapina of Croatia and Zhaoxiang Song of China won bronze.


Larin and Martins Soares took the centre stage for the men’s -87kg final. Larin gave away an early point courtesy of a gam-jeom. At the end of round one, the gam-jeom was the only thing separating the two fighters. Round two began with Martins Soares scoring a body shot followed by a punch, but Larin pushed back with a head and body shot. The final round started off 4-5 to Larin, who pushed the score up 5-10 after punching and kicking his opponent. With less than 30 seconds to go, Martins Soares gave it his all but it was Larin who took the gold, winning 19-9.


Larin had faced Song in the earlier semi-final. Both fighters landed a flurry of head kicks in the final round but it was Larin who progressed to the finals with a score of 18-12. Sapina took on Martins Soares in the second semi final. There was little to choose between the two athletes with Sapina just edging the early exchanges. The third round exploded into life with both fighters attacking for the win but it was Martins Soares who won 16-12.



Women -67kg


In the women’s -67kg, China’s Mengyu Zhang won gold, Turkey’s Nur Tatar Askari took silver, Farida Azizova of Azerbaijan and Milena Titoneli of Brazil won bronze. Morning 19.05.2019-17Zhang and Tatar Askari took to the stage for the final to try their chances of winning the gold medal. Zhang landed an early kick to the body to establish the lead but, Tatar Askari responded quickly hitting back with a head shot. The second round started with Zhang scoring two body shots followed by a head shot. Tatar Askari gave it her all but lagged behind with the score at 11-4. The final round started with Tatar Askari scoring a head shot but still couldn’t keep up. With one minute to go until the winner was announced the score was at 13-9 to Zhang. Tatar Askari lost her balance gaining a gam-jeom and China’s Mengyu Zhang became the 2019 women’s -67kg World Champion winning 18-9.



Men -80kg


In the men’s -80kg, Milad Beigi Harchengani of Azerbaijan took gold, Apostolos Telikostoglou of Greece won silver, Hyeok Park Woo of Korea and Moises Hernandez of the Dominican Republic took bronze. Morning 19.05.2019-13Beigi Harchengani and Telikostoglou faced off in the final and it was Beigi Harchengani who was the first to score against Telikostoglou, but Telikostoglou followed up with a head shot. Beigi Harchengani punched his opponent, but the Greek scored another head shot, evening out the score 6-6. Beigi Harchengani scored a spinning headshot at the end of the second round, pushing himself up to 15-6. The third round brought even more intensity, with Azerbaijan knocking Telikostoglou down twice. Telikostoglou gave it his all, but was ultimately defeated by Beigi Harchengani who took his second World Championship gold, winning 22-12.



Women -53kg


In the women’s -53kg, Thailand’s Phannapa Harnsujin won gold, Tatiana Kudashova took silver, Aaliyah Powell of Great Britain and Inese Tarvida of Latvia took bronze.Morning 19.05.2019-7Russian favourite Tatiana Kudashova and Thailand’s Phannapa Harnsujin started the first round of the final with two body shots from Harnsujin, followed by a body shot from Kudashova. Harnsujin responded with a head kick which put her in the lead. During the second round, the women both fought aggressively, resulting in Harnsujin receiving a gam-jeom. Kudashova scored her second body shot of the match, but was still behind Harnsujin. The third round started with another kick to the body from Thailand which was followed by another three gam-jeoms to Kudashova. Harnsujin won the gold 20-10.



Men -63kg


In the men’s -63kg, Shuai Zhao of China won the gold medal and Iran’s Soroush Ahmadi took silver. The bronze medals went to Germany’s Iordanis Konstantinidis and Belgium’s Jaouad Achab.


Zhoa and Ahmadi kicked off the first final of the night with Zhoa scoring first with a kick to the head and body. The second round saw both sides punching, but Ahmadi took a fall and received a gam-jeom. As the match approached the half-way point Zhoa was in the lead, but Ahmadi caught up. The final round saw Zhoa perform a spinning body shot, a head and a spinning head shot respectively. China’s Shuai Zhoa took the gold, winning 27-7.


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