What is World Taekwondo Peace Corps? The World Taekwondo Peace Corps (TPC) was launched in 2008 with the theme of "World Peace through the Great Taekwondo Spirit." The members of the TPC are volunteers armed with one of the greatest spiritual heritages of Korea, "the Taekwondo Spirit," and they work world-wide with the values of that spirit to spread peace.

The TPC members are young men and women who have the will and capability to bring peace to the world despite a harsh environment. They are a great resource of Korea to be dispatched to developing and developed countries in order to spread peace through the art of Taekwondo.

Furthermore they promote mutual understanding, friendship and peace, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion. Due to the initial success of the TPC program, the World Taekwondo Peace Corps Foundation was officially established in 2009 to help elevate the program's efficiency and scale.

Mission of the TPC The mission of the TPC:

• Help the youth of developing countries to build a dream and provide hope that poverty can be overcome.
• Help promote mutual understanding of Korean culture and foreign cultures.
• Help share that, like the great sport of Taekwondo, a unified rule and understanding can help transcend ethnic and national boundaries, thus helping to promote global peace.

The purpose of the TPC The mission of the TPC:

• Taekwondo Peace Corps is a pillar for the future growth of Taekwondo which brings energy to young people all over the world in order to create peace and harmony for the future development of Taekwondo.
• Communicate peace, fortitude, love of your neighbors and provide hope and service in a world that is suffering from poverty, in the spirit of Taekwondo.

Activities of the TPC
Education of Taekwondo • Taekwondo Poomsae competition, demonstration, Taekwondo training as well as education
• Support the education of Taekwondo
• Provide materials and information for Taekwondo
Voluntary service to understand and communicate each other's cultures • Mutually of the residents and the educators through cultural activities
• Helping the participants understand Korean culture and vice versa
Interchange • Creating a continuous networks of countries through dispatching volunteers and educating Taekwondo though out the world
• Forming friendships to encourage people to visit Korea