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Effective reporting mechanisms provide athletes and other stakeholders with a means to take action to safeguard the integrity of Taekwondo. The following frameworks for reporting aim to identify and resolve issues of wrongdoing in sport.

- To report on doping-related cases, access the International Testing Agency (ITA) Reporting Platform.

- To report suspicious approaches or activities related to competition manipulation, access the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Integrity Hotline or send an email to WT at

- To report on incidents of harassment and/or abuse, access the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Integrity Hotline. You can also download the Safeguarding Reporting Form and send it to

- To raise your concerns confidentially and directly via an independent integrity hotline monitored by the Swiss-based law firm TIMES Attorneys, send an email to:

- To report on other integrity related matters, contact us at

Important considerations:

Confidentiality: Your identity will not be disclosed to persons beyond those responsible for investigating your report, without your explicit consent.

Anonymity: You can choose to remain anonymous when reporting, and that decision will be respected. However, sharing certain information about yourself may enhance the ability to investigate and address the situation you have reported.