Candidate Application for World Taekwondo Election 2021

World Taekwondo is pleased to announce that, in accordance with Article 5 of the WT Statutes (the “Statutes”), on October 11, 2021, the General Assembly (“GA”) of World Taekwondo (“WT”) shall convene in Wuxi, China, to hold WT’s quadrennial elections.
  • A )Positions: the following officials shall be elected: One (1) President; Seventeen (17) Council Members; One (1) Auditor.
  • B ) Age Limitation: The age limits for those seeking election as a WT official in the 2021 elections is seventy-years old for first-time candidates, and eighty-years old for candidates seeking reelection.
    That is:
    • First-time candidates to become a WT official must be born on or after October 12, 1951.
    • Candidates seeking for re-election must be born on or after October 12, 1941.
  • C ) Geographic Distribution: In order to ensure geographic diversity, as per Article 5.8.2 of the Statutes, the seventeen (17) Council Members shall be elected according to the following distribution:
    • Four (4) shall be elected from Asia
    • Four (4) shall be elected from Europe
    • Four (4) shall be elected from Pan America
    • Three (3) shall be elected from Africa
    • Two (2) shall be elected from Oceania
  • D ) Gender Balance: Among the above members, in order to achieve greater gender balance, at least one female member per Continental Union shall be elected. In addition, the female candidate who receives the highest vote shall be promoted to Vice President.
  • E ) Hybrid / Virtual Meeting: In recognition of the unique and challenging travel restrictions faced this year, as well as to respect the principles of democracy and maxim predication, WT shall offer virtual (online) voting for this year’s election.
  • F ) Application: If you are interested to run for election to become a WT official (President, Council Member or Auditor) you must fill out and return the Candidate Application Form and all required documents to in accordance with the instructions of the application.
  • G ) Deadline: The application deadline is Sunday, July 11 at 11:59 pm (Local time in Korea).
  • H ) Prospective Candidates: For more information, find attached the documents below and visit WT’s website at: