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World Taekwondo renews GMS Platform Provider contract with Simply Compete


SEOUL, Korea (January 6, 2022) - World Taekwondo is pleased to announce that it has renewed its contract with Simply Compete, Inc. to provide the WT Global Membership System platform.


World Taekwondo President Chungwon Choue said, “We are very happy to continue our relationship with Simply Compete as the GMS platform provider and look forward to them continuing to develop and evolve the platform as time progresses. It is great to have such a reliable and innovative technology partner behind the GMS platform which has continued to become a critical part of our daily operations since February 2017.”


Simply Compete provides mission critical software to World Taekwondo that includes licensing, event management, competition results and rankings, online education (LMS), certification, and more.


CEO of Simply Compete, Sujay Karve said, “It is an honour and a privilege to be selected yet again as the GMS vendor for WT and its 211 Member National Associations (MNAs).” 


Through the GMS platform World Taekwondo has held over 524 global events, 250,000 event registrants and managed 52 onsite accreditation centres worldwide.  


Simply Compete has developed and enhanced the World Athlete Rankings to enable all the ranking rules and regulations to be calculated automatically to ensure accuracy of the ever important athlete rankings and a timely release of the rankings each month.  There are now over 8,500 World-ranked athletes including 6,860 Kyorugi athletes, 1,110 Para Kyorugi-ranked athletes and 530 Poomsae-ranked athletes from over 174 countries.


GMS Director Justin Tenbeth said, “Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, World Taekwondo was able to move many of its educational programs completely online using the Learning Management System (LMS) provided by Simply Compete as part of its platform.”


Since May 2020 using the GMS platform, World Taekwondo has run over 116 online courses with 6,276 participants and 4,545 certified members from 138 countries. It enabled World Taekwondo to educate its stakeholders everyone from coaches, referees, Technical Delegates, Para National Classifiers and more.


Due to circumstances where MNAs are in a financially difficult situation under Covid-19 Pandemic, WT has decided not to enforce the GMS membership mandate placed on MNAs. Meanwhile, MNAs are allowed to work directly with Simply Compete for their National System Operations if they wish to do so.


Now more than ever online data management systems are a critical component in any organisation's operation and therefore WT hopes to continue maximising the use of online platforms in close partnership with Simply Compete.