Funeral Information on Dr. Un Yong Kim

Those who wish to pay their last respects to the recently deceased “Father of Olympic Taekwondo,” Dr. Un Yong Kim, can do so from today (October 5) at: No. 1 Hall, Basement 2, Yonsei Severance Hospital Funeral Hall, Shinchon, Seoul, Korea. (For information, please call: +82 2 2227 7500.)

Then, in the morning of the 9th of October, Monday, Dr. Kim’s coffin will be moved to the Kukkiwon in Seoul for a final farewell service from the world taekwondo family.

- When: 8:30 a.m., Oct. 9, 2017

- Where: The Kukkiwon

- Organizers: World Taekwondo; the Korean Taekwondo Association; the Kukkiwon; the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation