Georgian history-maker hopes to inspire future Taekwondo generation


At just 13 year’s old, Georgia’s Nika Gogoberidze is already a role model for many in his country.


Competing at last week’s World Taekwondo Cadet Championships in Sofia, he made history as he won silver in the M-61kg, which was the first medal Georgia has ever won at a World Taekwondo event.


This is a remarkable achievement and one which Nika hopes will inspire others.


“I’m very proud of myself and of course my coaches, teammates and all the country are proud of me,” he said. “It gives me more motivation to win big competitions.”


“I hope it will inspire Georgian next generation and you will see more Georgian medallists.”


It is clear that Nika has worked incredible hard to achieve what he has.


“It feels amazing because I sacrificed everything. I spent a lot of time training and preparing for this competition.


“I have trained twice a day for 2 hours every day. Sometimes it is very difficult to do school and train but now I can say it paid off.”


But from a personal perspective, this is just the beginning for Nika.


“This is not over you will see me in the European Championships. My goal is to become Olympic champion.”