Wuxi prepares to host WT World Cup Team & Poomsae Championships

러시아 혼성 단체전 우승 직후


SEOUL, Korea (August 19, 2019) - The final preparations for the Wuxi 2019 WT World Cup Team & Poomsae Championships are underway to welcome the world’s best athletes for a four-day celebration of taekwondo.


It is the first time that the WT World Cup Poomsae Championships and WT World Cup Team Championships will be held simultaneously ensuring that fans in Wuxi and around the world will be able to enjoy Kyorugi and Poomsae competitions. 97 athletes from 10 countries in Team Championships, and 286 athletes from 10 countries in Poomsae Championships are expected to compete ensuring it is a truly global competition.


The WT World Cup Poomsae Championships commences first from 22 to 23 August, and will then be followed the WT World Cup Team Championships from 23 to 25 August. The both events will be hosted at the Taihu International Expo Centre.


코트디 여자 경기사진


World Taekwondo President Chungwon Choue said:


"Excitement is really building ahead of these competitions. We are all looking forward to seeing the best teams and Poomsae athletes compete over four-days of thrilling competition.


“Part of what makes taekwondo so special is that unites people of all ages, nationalities, genders and background and we will see that in Wuxi over the next week.


The WT World Taekwondo World Cup Team Championships will comprise a mixture of traditional team match and tag-team match formats with men, women and mix-gender teams.


Poomsae requires balance and power and is accessible to people of all ages. In competitions, Poomsae is split between traditional performance techniques and freestyle performance, which uses taekwondo techniques in the composition of music and choreography.


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In Team Championships, with trophies, 1st place will receive 20,000 US dollars, 2nd place will receive 10,000 US dollars and 3rd place will receive 5,000 US dollars.


In the MNA standing for the Poomsae Championships, 1st place will receive 10,000 US dollars, 2nd place will receive 80,000 US dollars and 3rd place will receive 5,000 US dollars. Additionally, athletes will have the chance to be awarded Male and Female MVP in both recognised and free-style Poomsae, where they will receive a 2,500 US dollars.